Which of These Myths About Pets Have You Believed?

We’ve been told these myths about pets all our lives. Learn which ones are true.

We all have pets — dogs, cats, birds, and fish just to name a few. And, we love them. As many as 84% of dog owners say love their dog as much as a child. Since we Americans are such dedicated pet lovers, don’t you think it’s time we learn the truth about common myths surrounding our beloved friends.

Myth #1 — Cats Steal Air from Your Baby’s Mouth

When you discover you’re expecting, you’re bound to get advice…lots of it. One of the things you may hear from an elderly grandmother or aunt is to get rid of your cat. Why? Because, didn’t you know? Cats can steal the air right out of your baby’s mouth.

Not really!

This is totally a myth that most likely came about because cats like milk. So the people who helped spread this myth reasoned that cats would smell milk on the baby’s breath and put their mouth over the baby’s and smother it. There’s no record of this ever happening so relax and keep your pet cats.

Myth #2 – One Dog Year is Equal to 7 Human Years

How many of us do this? You figure up how old your pet dog is and multiply it by seven to see how old he is. I know I have. Truth is, this doesn’t work.

Dogs reach the age of a teenager at one year of age. After that, they age according to their species. A 4-year-old German Sheppard is older than a 4-year-old Chihuahua.

Myth #3 — Unweaned Baby Birds Bond with You Better

This myth came into being due to greedy or misinformed breeders. It is crucial that the handling and feeding of the bird be consistent so the bird develops properly. This means they need the same person feeding them, preferably a professional.

Never buy a baby bird and try to wean it unless you are trained and know how to properly care for the bird.

Myth #4 — Your Dog’s Mouth is Cleaner than Yours is

No. Think about it. If a dog’s mouth didn’t carry bacteria, humans wouldn’t get infections from dog bites. The reason dog bites become infected, dogs have bad breath and tartar on their teeth is because their mouth has a healthy colony of bacteria that is alive and well.

If you still think your dog’s mouth is cleaner than humans are, here are some things for you to consider.

Most humans brush their teeth on a daily basis.
People’s mouths are not exposed to external bacteria very often.
Dogs clean themselves with their tongues.
Dogs eat things that are loaded with bacteria like spoiled food, road kill, and poo.

Myth #5 — Beta Fish don’t Require Care

You see these poor fish, alone, in small tanks all the time. You have probably been told Betas cannot live in tanks with other fish and that they are fine in small unfiltered and unheated glass bowls. This is not true and is cruel to the fish.

Don’t put a male Beta into a tank with another male Beta. They will fight until one of them is dead. But, he does fine with other fish and is a good choice for a community tank.

Betas also need larger tanks. Keeping a fish confined to one small bowl without heat and clean water is cruel. It may just be a fish, but if you’re going to have one…be nice.

Regardless of what you have, pet fish, cats, dogs, or birds, it’s nice to check up on myths about them. Too often, we believe false information and just blindly follow it without checking it out. Be good to your pet and continue to learn about pet myths.