Twitter Myths Explained

Twitter is surrounded by many myths — Learn the truth

People who don’t understand Twitter, think it’s completely worthless. To those of us who are Twitter-addicts, we know in our twittering little hearts that couldn’t be further from the truth. Find out the most common myths surrounding Twitter and tweet the truth!

Myth #1 – You have to know how to Tweet the ‘right way’

What’s great about Twitter is you can use it any way you want. Your tweets can be private – for friends and family only. Or, you can use Twitter for business purposes. There’s no right way or wrong way likewise there are no rules of etiquette. Use how it best fits your need and learn how to Twitter your way.

Myth #2 – All Twitter is good for is updating friends

Many people who don’t understand Twitter falsely think it’s only for letting your friends know what you’re doing on a blow-by-blow basis. Not so. Twitter’s main function is about status updates, but you can take it further.

Try photo sharing or mashups — where you combine Twitter data with another website. You can also use hashtags to your advantage. Hashtags attach to a tweet and make it searchable. Twitter people who use the service for business, politics, or as a marketing technique for celebrities use this feature.

Myth #3 – Unless you’re a celebrity – you won’t have many followers

Celebrities are always going to have many followers because… well, they’re celebrities. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have tons of followers in your Twitter account too — it’s just a little bit harder.

To build up a huge following, first you have to say something that’s worth listening too. Second, you’ll have to work at getting followers by filling out your bio completely, sharing pictures, using hashtags, and most importantly — keep on tweeting.

Myth #4 – Twitter serves no purpose

Where have you been? While Twitter began as just status updates, it quickly evolved into an important communication tool. With Twitter, people can network and get information out fast.

In 2009, Iranians used Twitter to organize government protests. People on Twitter stayed current on the news of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. With Twitter being available on several platforms like SMS, instant messaging, and of course, the Internet, this free service has become more than just a source of boring details. It’s a way to keep the world connected.

According to Nielson, Twitter grew 1,382% from February 2008 to February 2009. Even being misunderstood and surrounded by myths can’t stop Twitter from growing. Now that you know the truth about Twitter – tweet it!