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A Few Myths About Australia, Busted

Over the centuries, the rest of the world has developed some interesting myths about Australia. Let’s check into a few

Like many Americans, you may be laboring under a few myths about Australia that deserve some serious busting. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Many of us have been misinformed on the subject — not just by the usual suspects, rumor and the media, but also by Science itself.

And in any case, any subject that arouses intense interest generates myths by the carloads. Let’s look at three, and quickly set them straight.

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Six Common Myths About Africa, Part II

Misconceptions and myths about Africa abound, but here are three myths that we’re happy to dismiss.

Close to 15% of Americans can trace at least some of their roots back to Africa. But as a whole, American ideas about the Mother Continent are either poorly informed or completely misguided. In Part I of this article, we looked at the truth about three such myths. Now, here are the facts on three more.

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Six Common Myths About Africa, Part I

It may be the Mother Continent, but to most Americans it’s just a faraway enigma. Here’s the real story on six popular myths about Africa.

It probably shouldn’t be any surprise that there are so many myths about Africa. After all, it’s a big continent — and according to the best scientific evidence, it’s where our species originated, well over 100,000 years ago. People are fascinated by Africa, and rightly so.

Sadly, a lot of our common knowledge about Mother Africa is just plain wrong. But we can fix that! In this two-part article, we’ll tackle six of the most egregious African myths, offering a more balanced view of the reality underlying them.

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Three Myths About Japan and the Japanese

It’s easy for myths about Japan and its people to flourish, because after all, it’s a foreign country located far away. Well, here’s the truth regarding a few popular misconceptions.

Japan is an exotic locale for most of us, so it’s no surprise that myths about Japan are common in our popular culture. Most (though certainly not all) of these myths are positive ones, which may seem odd at first glance, since we fought a devastating war with Japan just over 60 years ago.

Of course, modern Japan seems to display the same cheerful industrialism that made America itself great. This may be one reason they get such high marks from American observers. Whatever the case, in this article we’ll take a look at some popular myths about Japan and reveal the truth, according to the experts.

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Three Myths About Public Transportation

We Americans love our automobiles, which may be why we have so many prejudices and here are a few myths about public transportation.

Ask just about anyone, and they’ll be happy to tell you a few myths about public transportation. Sadly, most people happen to believe them — generally without ever having experienced any kind of public transportation system at all. For many who have, their experiences with it are minimal, at best.

In this article we’ll take a look at some general public transportation myths. This isn’t about whether a particular public transportation system is dirty or run down; that’s a function of good maintenance and decent management, as with any system. The myths we’ll look at are applicable anywhere, anytime.

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Ahoy, Maties! Sinking Seven Common Cruise Myths, Part II

Don’t let these sourpuss cruise myths keep you from enjoying the vacation of a lifetime.

So…you could find yourself cruisin’ on a Sunday afternoon, or you could listen to all those doom-and-gloom cruise myths and decide to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. But c’mon — do you really think your ship will sink, or your captain will run you through a storm? They can steer those big boats, you know.

In Part I of this article, we sank certain myths about rampant seasickness, expense, and rumored boredom. Stay with us as we fire a few broadsides into three more maritime entertainment myths that just won’t hold water.

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Ahoy, Maties! Sinking Seven Common Cruise Myths, Part I

So, you think ocean cruises are a waste of money, do you? Check out the truth behind these cruise myths, and think again.

Ocean cruises are among the world’s most popular vacations — and so, as you might expect, cruise myths are legion. People will tell you in all seriousness that cruise ships are too crowded and dangerous, often without ever having been on one. Oh, and let’s not forget the pirates that plague the cruise lines.

While things can and do go wrong on cruises, most of the stories you hear about them are as about as genuine as Santa Claus (um, sorry if no one’s let you in on that one yet). Come aboard as we guide you through seven oft-repeated myths about ocean cruises, and reveal the gratifying truth.

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Seasickness A Pill Can't Cure – Can A Cruise Really Make You Sick?

In recent years, outbreaks of viruses on board cruise ships have received a virtual tsunami of publicity and led to unjustified myths about cruises and illnesses.

Each year, millions of Americans enjoy cruises. In 2005, approximately 9.8 million passengers embarked from North American ports for their cruise vacation. But taking cruises can expose travelers to new environments and high volumes of people, including other travelers. Here are the top 5 myths:

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