Spiders and Their Myths — Learn Truth from Urban Legend

Are those stories you hear about spiders really true? Find out

Many entertaining and sometimes scary stories are told about spiders. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell fact from fiction and the stories keep being passed around and believed to be true. Here are some popular spider myths

Myth #1 — Spiders move indoors during wintertime

Some species of animals do move indoors or into attics and basements during winter months to stay warm. These animals are usually mammals — not spiders. Spiders are either outdoor spiders or house spiders with a rare few falling into both categories.

If you see more spiders during the winter months, you notice them more often. Most likely, they were there all along.

Myths #2 — Spiders are happier outdoors

Most people don’t mind squashing a bug or spider when found in their homes, but there are others who are too kind hearted to a spider. These people think they are being kind when they put it outdoors. Actually, this kills the spider. As mentioned above, spiders are either outdoor spiders or house spiders. If you move common house spiders outside, they will die.

Myth #3 — House spiders are dangerous to children and pets

No one wants to bitten by a spider but the truth is that very few spiders have venom that can do humans or animals any harm. House spiders prey on insects and small creatures. They are not only scared of humans but also definitely not interested in biting humans. Humans receive, on average, only two spider bites during their entire lifetime.

Myth #4 — House spiders come in through sink drains

You can find house spiders around sinks and bathtubs because they are trying to get a drink. Once they climb into a sink or bathtub, they can’t get out because of the slick sides.

If you look at a diagram of sink and bathtub plumbing, you’ll quickly realize that it is impossible for a spider to enter your house through the drain. Modern drains have a “sediment trap”. That’s the bend in the pipe that you see under your sink. This sediment trap always has water in it and spiders can’t get past this water.

The spiders you see in your house live there year round.

Myth #5 — You will swallow an average of four spiders every year in your sleep

Nonsense. Spiders are scared of humans. There is no reason why a spider would climb into the mouth of a giant sleeping monster. The theory is that the spider is thirsty and tries to get a drink from your mouth while you are asleep. No evidence of this exists.

Myth #6 — Spiders can lay eggs under human skin

This myth has been spread by a story of a woman being bitten on the cheek. The wound later begins to swell and out hatches hundreds of baby spiders. This simply isn’t possible. When and if a spider ever bites you, it would leave venom — not eggs. Spider eggs are not in the spider venom.

Hopefully, you have some peace of mind about spiders, their bites, and habits after reading these myths. Even if you don’t like spiders, just remember that they do serve a useful purpose killing other pesky insects. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t bother the spiders, they won’t bother you.