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Five Damaging Myths About Alcohol

Fermented beverages have been with us since time immemorial—and so have alcohol myths. Let’s look at a few persistent and painful ones.

As with any topic that people spend a lot of time discussing, myths about alcohol are rampant–even in this day and age, when we should know better. You’re probably carrying around a few yourself. Some are simply misinformation; but some can be dangerous if you don’t know better.

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Busting a Few Myths About Electricity

Like fire, electricity is a mysterious and dangerous servant; and also like fire, myths about electricity abound

It’s not surprising that there are all kinds of myths about electricity floating around out there. After all, it’s a constant in modern life; even a necessity, in the sense that people consider living without it a hardship. All such necessary things have their myths.

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Four Common Animal Myths

If you think that a duck’s quack doesn’t echo, you’ve fallen for one of the more common animal myths (and you read too much email). Here are a few more.

Why are animal myths so pervasive? That’s hard to say, given that we should know better by now. After all, we’ve been sharing this world with our furry, feathery, scaly, and finny friends for some time now. Fortunately, science is lending a hand in dispelling these myths!

Some people might argue that science is actually just making life boring by taking the wonder out of the world. Au contraire; there’s more than enough wonder in true facts to make up for all the fantasy! So let’s dispense with a few myths about animals, shall we?

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Three Sneaky Science Myths

You might be surprised to learn how many things taught as scientific truth are actually science myths. Here are three.

Science myths can be surprisingly sneaky, penetrating popular culture in subtle and surprising ways. Remember Popeye the Sailor singing “I’m strong to the finish ’cause I eats me spinach”? That’s one example of a science myth.

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Common Misconceptions and Myths About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have fascinated the public for decades, so it’s no surprise that a wide variety of myths about dinosaurs have arisen

Dinosaurs have held a special place in the public imagination for more than a century, so it’s to be expected that certain myths about dinosaurs are common. Some of them are pure silliness, while others are based on scientific misunderstandings that have long since been rectified.

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Common Myths About Birds

Myths about birds are surprisingly common, so let’s bust a few today

Have you been taken in by common myths about birds? Many of us have been, because although birds are common and most of us encounter them on a daily basis, we don’t exactly fly in the same social circles. It’s almost like we live in different worlds… and in a way, we do.

Now, birds often figure prominently in legends and superstitions; but that’s grist for another mill. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few everyday misconceptions about our fine feathered friends.

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Common Myths About Death — Busted

Discover which deaths about myths are true

It’s true. We can’t escape death but while we’re still here in the here and now, we might as well learn to tell the difference about what’s true and what is simply a myth. See which myths you’ve believed all your life and what information is true.

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Are These Food Myths Sabotaging Your Diet?

If your diet isn’t working, these food myths may be to blame

Going on a diet is difficult enough. Don’t make it harder than necessary by sabotaging it and believing these common food myths. Learn the truth and stay on the right track for successful weight loss

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Debunking Certain Myths About Precious Metals, Part II

Know any myths about precious metals? If not, we’re happy to share

Few inanimate things get our imaginations running quite as hot as silver, gold, and their relatives, which is probably why there are so many myths about precious metals. This is a good thing for us here at Mythbusters, since it gives us a chance to take part in our favorite activity: setting the record straight!

As we mentioned in Part I, precious metals aren’t limited to the two or three big ones we usually think about — that is, silver, gold and platinum. Rhodium is worth far more than all three. Nor are they useful only as coinage and bullion. Ever wonder what other precious metal myths you’re misfiring on?

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A Closer Look at a Few Myths About Stars

Few things are more obvious or mysterious than the stars, so it’s no surprise that myths about stars are rampant in human culture. Here’s the truth about a few

How common are myths about stars? Well, there are more than 6,000 true stars visible to the naked eye on a clear night, and it sometimes seems that each has spawned its share of myths. Why? The reasons are complicated, and mostly boil down to the fact that we’ve only just begun discovering the truth about stars.

Sure, we know now that stars are basically huge fusion reactors in the sky, big balls of flaming plasma that have lives and lifespans of their own, and that in fact our sun is just an average star. But that’s the fruit of the last century of science, and before then people came up with some pretty interesting ideas about them.

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