Common Myths About Birds

Myths about birds are surprisingly common, so let’s bust a few today

Have you been taken in by common myths about birds? Many of us have been, because although birds are common and most of us encounter them on a daily basis, we don’t exactly fly in the same social circles. It’s almost like we live in different worlds… and in a way, we do.

Now, birds often figure prominently in legends and superstitions; but that’s grist for another mill. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few everyday misconceptions about our fine feathered friends.

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Misunderstood Myths about Diamonds

If diamonds really are your best friend, it’s high time you learned the truth

You know what they say, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. While not everyone agrees with this saying, most people agree they are beautiful and wouldn’t mind having one or two — especially brides. Tradition has it that you must have a diamond engagement ring to be properly engaged and believe this is how it always has been. Not so. This is a myth. Learn about this and other popular myths concerning diamonds.

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Do Vampires Really Exist?

Discover the difference between truth and myth, fantasy and fiction.

Vampires are all the rage. Along with this craze about vampires, there are many vampire myths floating around. Before you start believing any of these myths, learn a few lessons from vampire history and discover the truth.

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Which of These Myths About Pets Have You Believed?

We’ve been told these myths about pets all our lives. Learn which ones are true.

We all have pets — dogs, cats, birds, and fish just to name a few. And, we love them. As many as 84% of dog owners say love their dog as much as a child. Since we Americans are such dedicated pet lovers, don’t you think it’s time we learn the truth about common myths surrounding our beloved friends.

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Myths and the Diabetic Athlete

Learn some of the most misunderstood facts about diabetes and athletes

To be sure, the diabetic athlete faces special challenges. Unfortunately, many diabetics love to participate in sports but don’t do so because of the following myths. Discover the truth about these common myths, take the necessary precautions, and enjoy sports once again.

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Old Wives Tales that are Mainly Myths

You’ve heard these old wives tales a million times — Learn which are true – which are not

Where would we be without old wives tales? They’re part of our culture, our childhood, and much of what we believe is often founded in some old tale told to us by parents or grandparents. But what is the real truth? Is some of the information we’ve always taken for granted not true? Discover whether the old wives tales you’ve believed all your life are truth or myth.

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Top 5 Myths about Aging

Stay young — Don’t believe these common myths about aging.

So many myths about aging are unchallenged. These myths have been passed down from generation to generation and most of society accepts them as fact. It’s true that you are only as old as you think. Think young and stay that way!

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Save Energy the Smart Way — Don't Fall for These Myths

Be sure your efforts are really saving your energy

It never hurts to try to save energy. By doing so, you are being earth-friendly and saving yourself some hard-earned money. But don’t believe everything you hear. Check out these myths about energy consumption before you start on your energy-saving campaign.

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Spiders and Their Myths — Learn Truth from Urban Legend

Are those stories you hear about spiders really true? Find out

Many entertaining and sometimes scary stories are told about spiders. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell fact from fiction and the stories keep being passed around and believed to be true. Here are some popular spider myths

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Do You Believe These 5 Depression Myths?

Depressions myths are harmful. Learn the truth.

Depression doesn’t discriminate and affects people from every walk of life. Approximately 19 million people in the United States suffer from depression every year. Many of these people attempt suicide and end their lives. Depression isn’t something to take lightly. Know and understand these myths.

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