Diving into Debt: Myths About Installing an Indoor Swimming Pool

Six things to consider before you put in that pool

You’re ready to take the plunge and install a backyard swimming pool, but your excitement should be tempered with a serious reality check about dealing with contractors and the swimming pool construction process.

Hiring a contractor to install your swimming pool is not something you do every day, and involves a huge investment of your time and money. It is important to know your consumer rights, and your responsibilities, including protecting yourself from unscrupulous contractors and illegal activity. Here are some of the top myths about hiring a company to install your residential swimming pool:

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Seasickness A Pill Can't Cure – Can A Cruise Really Make You Sick?

In recent years, outbreaks of viruses on board cruise ships have received a virtual tsunami of publicity and led to unjustified myths about cruises and illnesses.

Each year, millions of Americans enjoy cruises. In 2005, approximately 9.8 million passengers embarked from North American ports for their cruise vacation. But taking cruises can expose travelers to new environments and high volumes of people, including other travelers. Here are the top 5 myths:

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