Old Wives Tales that are Mainly Myths

You’ve heard these old wives tales a million times — Learn which are true – which are not

Where would we be without old wives tales? They’re part of our culture, our childhood, and much of what we believe is often founded in some old tale told to us by parents or grandparents. But what is the real truth? Is some of the information we’ve always taken for granted not true? Discover whether the old wives tales you’ve believed all your life are truth or myth.

Swallowed Gum will Stay in Your Stomach for 7 Years

If you swallow your gum, it passes out as waste within 24 to 48 hours just like everything else you eat. Parents who didn’t want their kids swallowing gum probably started this myth.

Cracking Your Knuckles Makes Them Big

John U. Klippel, MD of the Arthritis Foundation says there is no evidence that cracking your knuckles will make them bigger or give you arthritis in your joints later in life.

You’ll Ruin Your Eyes by Sitting too Close to the TV

No. According to WebMD, sitting too close won’t hurt your eyes but might give you a headache. And no, you won’t ruin your eyes by reading in dim light either.

Don’t Swim for One Hour After Eating

I always believed adults made this up so they could take a nap after lunch. Whatever the reason, there isn’t any truth to this myth. Although you might feel tired after lunch and more blood does go to your stomach to digest your food, you don’t have to worry about cramping. Your body can easily carry on more than one function at a time.

You’ll Get Sick if You Go Out In the Cold with Wet Hair

Colds spread by viruses and going out in the cold with wet hair doesn’t increase the likelihood of you getting a virus.

Drano can Predict the Sex of Your Unborn Baby

Old wives tales about pregnancy have been around forever. This is one of the newer ones but still a myth just the same. Supposedly, there is something in a pregnant woman’s urine that, when mixed with Drano, can predict the sex of an unborn baby. Not only is this not true, but it’s dangerous to mix urine and Drano. It’s much better to wait for the ultrasound results or take an over-the-counter gender predictor test.

Follow the 5-Second Rule for Food Dropped on Floors

Not only is it unsafe to follow the 5-second rule for food dropped on floors, it’s better that you don’t eat any food dropped on the floor – period. You walk on the floor. Your pets walk on the floor. Both you and your pets track all kinds of germs in from outdoors and other places you visit during the day. Play it safe and don’t eat anything that has fallen on the floor.

Your Baby will Learn to Walk Sooner if You Keep Him in Shoes

Babies feet develop better if they are left barefoot and free. Shoes confine the baby’s feet and prevent muscles from developing properly. Let your baby go without shoes as long as possible to let those muscles grow and explore with their feet.