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5 Myths about Choosing a New Career

Choosing a new career? Don’t make these mistakes

We all have certain ideas when choosing a new career. Whether we learned it or heard from “the experts”, we accept these ideas as the way to choose a career. Unfortunately some of these ideas just are not true and actually hurt you when it comes to planning your future.

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Myths about Making Money Online

Can you really make money online? Separating the truth from the myths

Making money online is a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to stay at home and work in their pajamas? Just about everybody. Can you make money by working at home online? Yes. So what’s the problem? Myths. There are many myths and misconceptions about working online. Let’s look at a few of these and see if working online is for you.

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Three Myths About the Military

Since the end of the draft era, the armed services have gradually assumed a less prominent position in our society, leading to the growth of various modern myths about the military. Here’s the truth about three.

What are your favorite myths about the military? Whether you’ve only encountered soldiers in the mall as recruiters, or simply thrilled by their accomplishments dramatized on the big screen, many of us who’ve never served in the military harbor misconceptions that just might surprise our veterans.

In this issue of Mythbusters, we’ll take a look at the truth about three modern military myths. Our intention here isn’t to act as either cheerleaders or critics. We just want to clarify a few misunderstandings about the needs, motivations, and practices of the American military, as well as the people who comprise it.

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Take That, Lara Croft! More Popular Archaeology Myths

A while back, we dusted off some common archaeology myths and showed you whey they weren’t true. Here are a few more to add to the collection.

As we pointed out in our previous article on archaeology myths, archaeology isn’t all fun and games. Sure, it’s a great job, especially if you like to walk and dig holes all day, but it’s a job nonetheless. Though it has its charms, it’s usually no more glamorous than digging ditches.

Lara Croft, as thrilling as she is, was invented to appeal to teenage gamer boys, not to represent a real archeologist. And no, field archaeologists aren’t digging for dinosaur bones, gold, or oil — you can’t imagine how tired they get of hearing people ask that. While we’re at it, here’s the truth about a few other myths.

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More Common Job Resume Myths

Landing a new job is too important a task to leave to common knowledge, as we’ve pointed out in a previous article on job resume myths. Here are a few more myths to avoid.

If you care at all about your career, you have to consider job resume myths to be among your prime enemies in the fight to get ahead. In some cases they can hurt you more than a lack of education or experience, and present a greater challenge than hiring freezes or a shaky economy.

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Three Top Job Resume Myths

Finding the perfect job is hard enough, so don’t let common job resume myths hamper your career advancement. Here are three big ones to avoid.

If you’ve ever let so-called “common knowledge” guide a job hunt, then you’ve probably fallen prey to the occasional job resume myth. So what, you ask? Well, you may not have realized it, but ever so accidentally, you may have sabotaged your chances of getting the job of your dreams.

But don’t freak out! It’s not as if you can’t learn from your mistakes. Most resume faux pas are the results of simple errors and misperceptions, which usually boil down to simply not knowing any better. With this article, we aim to fix that.

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Public Speaking Myths: Catch Them and Avoid Them!

Don’t get caught up in public speaking myths! Avoid these ideas at all costs.

Public speaking is hard enough without public speaking myths to cloud your judgment. Want to make your speech a success? Then your best bet is to ignore everyone’s advice and do what you feel comfortable doing. Of course, for many people what they feel comfortable doing is running offstage and hiding in a corner, so if you must follow advice, at least avoid these blunders.

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Bust Myths About Health Care Careers!

Don’t let myths about health care careers stand in the way of your dream job!

There are as many myths about health care careers as there are choices in that field. Health care encompasses a wide variety of professions ranging from oral surgeon to holistic massage therapist. It’s only natural that with such a spread of careers to cover, myths and generalizations start to spring up. But if you dream of a career in health care, you owe it to yourself to uncover the truth behind these myths!

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Bust These Job Interview Myths!

Don’t let job interview myths wreck your chances!

As if a job interview isn’t scary enough, a whole crop of job interview myths lie in wait. You’re looking for a few tips to make sure you put your best foot forward, and what do you find? A myriad of ideas, hints, and suggestions — some of them true, some not — and no way to sift the truth from the nonsense. Well, never fear: here are the top four job interview myths exposed!

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