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Common Myths About Peanut Butter and Bird Feeders

For years, peanut butter and bird feeders went together almost like a PBJ. Then came the warnings about how peanut butter is bad for birds. What’s the truth?

Recently, you may have heard dire warnings about how peanut butter and bird feeders are a dangerous mix. Well, if you’ve been worried, calm down. While the warnings are well meant, they’re based on erroneous assumptions. Peanut butter is actually good for birds.

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Sushi Myths That Smell a Little Fishy

Despite certain sushi myths, the dish is more than just fresh fish bait. Let’s do a little quick myth-busting on the subject

Foreign delicacies that they are, those artistically presented bits of vegetables and seafood so common to Japanese cuisine have spawned a rather hefty set of sushi myths. But as it turns out, what you think you know may not be quite the truth. So, in the interest of fair play, let’s do some sushi myth-busting.

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Four Myths About Onions You Shouldn't Believe

Onions are common and popular veggies, so myths about onions are common, too. Here are four you should ignore

They’re among the world’s most popular vegetables, so popular myths about onions are quite common. Mythologies, too. For example, the ancient Egyptians believed onions to be sacred. Archaeologists have found mummified pharaohs with onions in their eye sockets.

And according to the Turks, onions and garlic grew wherever Lucifer stepped after God tossed him out of Heaven, so at least there was a silver lining to that.

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Three Common Solar Energy Myths

Powering your home with the sun isn’t nearly as difficult as these solar energy myths make it out to be

A number of damaging solar energy myths still pervade modern thinking about alternate energy sources, and that’s a shame. Leaving aside conspiracy theories about Big Oil, it seems likely that these myths derive from past issues that sidelined the early adoption of solar power, many of which no longer apply.

Let’s take a look at three common myths about solar energy that we can now put to rest.

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Misunderstood Myths about Diamonds

If diamonds really are your best friend, it’s high time you learned the truth

You know what they say, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. While not everyone agrees with this saying, most people agree they are beautiful and wouldn’t mind having one or two — especially brides. Tradition has it that you must have a diamond engagement ring to be properly engaged and believe this is how it always has been. Not so. This is a myth. Learn about this and other popular myths concerning diamonds.

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Which of These Myths About Pets Have You Believed?

We’ve been told these myths about pets all our lives. Learn which ones are true.

We all have pets — dogs, cats, birds, and fish just to name a few. And, we love them. As many as 84% of dog owners say love their dog as much as a child. Since we Americans are such dedicated pet lovers, don’t you think it’s time we learn the truth about common myths surrounding our beloved friends.

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Old Wives Tales that are Mainly Myths

You’ve heard these old wives tales a million times — Learn which are true – which are not

Where would we be without old wives tales? They’re part of our culture, our childhood, and much of what we believe is often founded in some old tale told to us by parents or grandparents. But what is the real truth? Is some of the information we’ve always taken for granted not true? Discover whether the old wives tales you’ve believed all your life are truth or myth.

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Save Energy the Smart Way — Don't Fall for These Myths

Be sure your efforts are really saving your energy

It never hurts to try to save energy. By doing so, you are being earth-friendly and saving yourself some hard-earned money. But don’t believe everything you hear. Check out these myths about energy consumption before you start on your energy-saving campaign.

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Spiders and Their Myths — Learn Truth from Urban Legend

Are those stories you hear about spiders really true? Find out

Many entertaining and sometimes scary stories are told about spiders. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell fact from fiction and the stories keep being passed around and believed to be true. Here are some popular spider myths

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Top Myths About Going Green

Is your going green information real or bogus?

You and your family are working hard when it comes to going green. Are you really going green, or are you just kidding yourself and wasting your time and effort?

With all the information and tips about being eco-friendly, you don’t know if the information you’re getting is good or bogus information from someone out to make a buck off of conscientious people. Learn the truth and put your time to good use.

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