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Interesting Myths About the English Language

As with just about anything of significance, myths plague the English language. Let’s look at a few

By any measure, the English language is a very successful tongue. It’s spawned perhaps the richest and most varied literature in history; acts as the global lingua franca for business, science, and government; and nearly one billion people speak it.

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Overcoming Those Pesky 2012 Myths

In recent years, the doomsayers have been up in arms about all those 2012 myths predicting the end of the world. Well, you needn’t worry.

It’s here at last: the dreaded year of the 2012 myths. According to some, the world’s about to end. But do we really have anything to worry about? While there’s no way to be entirely sure, the smart money’s on “No.”

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Did the Emancipation Proclamation Really Free the Slaves?

While the Emancipation Proclamation remains a milestone in American civil rights, what most of us think we know about it isn’t necessarily so.

To many modern Americans, the fact that a document like the Emancipation Proclamation was ever necessary is somewhat embarrassing. It’s hard to face the fact that the “Land of the Free” allowed chattel bondage for nearly a century after declaring its own independence.

That said, we did correct our error; and nowadays the Emancipation Proclamation (promulgated on January 1, 1863), ranks as one of the very foundations of modern American freedom, along with the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. After all, it freed all the slaves, didn’t it?

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Common Myths About Landfills

We tend to generate the most rumors and misconceptions about common things, so to no one’s surprise, there are plenty of myths about landfills

Myths about landfills are so pervasive that most people have developed a sort of “not in my backyard” attitude about the issue. In general, people tend to perceive landfills as facilities that forever ruin the land.

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Common Myths About the Great Depression

Even more than 70 years later, the Great Depression looms large in our cultural mythology. Here are three myths about the Great Depression, busted

As we struggle through the harsh economic downturn we know as the Great Recession, myths about the Great Depression – the event that almost killed the American economy from 1929-1939 – are popping up all over.

Often, they’re presented as cautionary tales by those hoping to ease the recession… and more often, by those hoping to advance their own political agendas at the expense of historical reality.

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Misunderstood Myths about Diamonds

If diamonds really are your best friend, it’s high time you learned the truth

You know what they say, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. While not everyone agrees with this saying, most people agree they are beautiful and wouldn’t mind having one or two — especially brides. Tradition has it that you must have a diamond engagement ring to be properly engaged and believe this is how it always has been. Not so. This is a myth. Learn about this and other popular myths concerning diamonds.

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Do Vampires Really Exist?

Discover the difference between truth and myth, fantasy and fiction.

Vampires are all the rage. Along with this craze about vampires, there are many vampire myths floating around. Before you start believing any of these myths, learn a few lessons from vampire history and discover the truth.

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Which of These Myths About Pets Have You Believed?

We’ve been told these myths about pets all our lives. Learn which ones are true.

We all have pets — dogs, cats, birds, and fish just to name a few. And, we love them. As many as 84% of dog owners say love their dog as much as a child. Since we Americans are such dedicated pet lovers, don’t you think it’s time we learn the truth about common myths surrounding our beloved friends.

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Funny Animal Myths You Should Know the Truth About

Many animal tales you’ve heard all your life simply aren’t true

Many funny animal stories you have heard all your life are just that — stories…myths. While these stories are often funny and entertaining, most of them are simply untrue. Join along as we learn facts about animals and separate fact from myth.

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Dispelling Some Popular Myths About the Old West

In the public imagination, the American frontier era is usually considered the most romantic of our native historical periods — hence all the myths about the Old West. Here are a few truths to savor.

From the virtuous outlaw to the corrupt lawman and craven townsman, myths about the Old West abound in American culture. We see them every time we tune in to a western movie on TV, or pick up a Zane Grey novel.

But like most myths, they’re about as realistic as a horse with a kick stand. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the most popular myths about the Old West, and tell you what was really happening way back then.

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