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Myths and the Diabetic Athlete

Learn some of the most misunderstood facts about diabetes and athletes

To be sure, the diabetic athlete faces special challenges. Unfortunately, many diabetics love to participate in sports but don’t do so because of the following myths. Discover the truth about these common myths, take the necessary precautions, and enjoy sports once again.

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Old Wives Tales that are Mainly Myths

You’ve heard these old wives tales a million times — Learn which are true – which are not

Where would we be without old wives tales? They’re part of our culture, our childhood, and much of what we believe is often founded in some old tale told to us by parents or grandparents. But what is the real truth? Is some of the information we’ve always taken for granted not true? Discover whether the old wives tales you’ve believed all your life are truth or myth.

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Top 5 Myths about Aging

Stay young — Don’t believe these common myths about aging.

So many myths about aging are unchallenged. These myths have been passed down from generation to generation and most of society accepts them as fact. It’s true that you are only as old as you think. Think young and stay that way!

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Do You Believe These 5 Depression Myths?

Depressions myths are harmful. Learn the truth.

Depression doesn’t discriminate and affects people from every walk of life. Approximately 19 million people in the United States suffer from depression every year. Many of these people attempt suicide and end their lives. Depression isn’t something to take lightly. Know and understand these myths.

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Discover These 5 Acid Reflux Myths and Suffer No More!

Get rid of your acid reflux symptoms by understanding these 5 myths

It seems acids reflux is becoming more and more common. With it come more and more myths. Learn which of these 5 myths are the truth and which aren’t.

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Top Myths About Going Green

Is your going green information real or bogus?

You and your family are working hard when it comes to going green. Are you really going green, or are you just kidding yourself and wasting your time and effort?

With all the information and tips about being eco-friendly, you don’t know if the information you’re getting is good or bogus information from someone out to make a buck off of conscientious people. Learn the truth and put your time to good use.

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The Raw Food Diet – Just Another Food Myth?

Is the raw food diet the answer to your health problems or just another food myth?

Can you obtain perfect health from following the raw food diet or is this just another food myth? Many people swear by this diet and many think it’s harmful. Read these facts and decide if it’s for you or just another myth about food.

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4 Low Fat Diet Myths You Need to Avoid

Want to lead a long, healthy life? Learn about these 4 low-fat diet myths

Nutritionists have been preaching about the low fat diet for over 30 years now. The result? During those 30 years, obesity has increased to 64% of the American population. Obesity increases the risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and some types of cancer.

To avoid this from happening to you, learn these 4 low-fat diet myths.

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Understand These 3 Myths to Prevent Osteoporosis

3 common myths about osteoporosis that may danger your health

One out of every two women and one out of every four men over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis. Currently, ten million men and women living in the United States suffer from this crippling condition.

Osteoporosis is a serious condition. With startling statistics like these, the American public needs to educate themselves about how to prevent osteoporosis. A good start is to understand 3 of the most common myths surrounding this condition.

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Do You Believe These High Blood Pressure Myths?

As the rate of high blood pressure increases, so do myths. Learn the Truth.

High blood pressure affects one in three adults in the United States and is beginning to affect children as young as 12-years-old. With so much concern about lowering blood pressure, many myths are springing up. Learn the truth about these myths.

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