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Four Stressful Myths About Stress

Sometimes it seems like we swim through a sea of stress. But don’t let these myths about stress make your life even more difficult.

We’ve all faced our fair share of stress, from the cranky boss to the rigors of illness–and we’ve heard plenty of myths about stress, too. But how do we separate the fact from fiction? Well, let’s take a closer look at what we think we know about stress.

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Exposing Myths About Ionic Foot Baths

The cutting edge of medicine is fraught with misunderstandings, which may explain all the myths about ionic foot baths. Here’s the truth about three.

Myths about ionic foot baths are common nowadays, especially in the online world. This is no real surprise: purveyors claim that these baths produce negative ions that enhance cellular function. Bold claims, especially of the medical variety, often generate a plethora of myths and misinformation.

However, there’s no question that energetic foot baths can be invaluable in medical detoxification processes. Patients often use them to detox from Lyme Disease, as well as liver, kidney, and colon problems, and they can even help patients readjust their sleep patterns.

Let’s take a look at a few of those misleading myths.

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The Truth About Seven Common Mental Health Myths, Part II

Most of us labor under a number of misconceptions about mental health. In this two-part article, we take on seven of the most common.

In Part I, we provided the real deal on four of the most common mental health myths. Unfortunately, TV, movies, and other media have painted a very negative picture of mental health problems, with their plethora of psychopaths, sociopaths, and violent schizophrenics.

While such people do exist, the vast majority of individuals with mental illnesses aren’t dangerous; nor are they weak-minded, as some people think. Mental health issues are often real diseases with physical causes, which is why they respond well to medical treatment.

Now: let’s look at three more damaging myths about mental health.

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The Truth About Seven Common Mental Health Myths

Mental health is a far more complex subject than most people realize, so let’s work at busting some of the more common myths.

Mental health tends not to be discussed in polite company, which is no doubt why so many myths surround it. Unfortunately, these myths can be very damaging to those they’re directed toward, as well as their families.

In this two-part article, we’ll tackle seven of the more common mental health myths, and hopefully help dispel them.

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Some Sticky Myths About Peanut Butter

Mmm. Peanut butter. It’s a staple in most households. But is what you know about it true? Find out here…

Most of us grew up eating peanut butter, and let’s admit it: we still eat it all the time, even as adults. It’s tasty, it’s cheap, and it’s good for you, right? Well, the first two are true enough, but that last one can be argued (and we’ll argue it). Good old PB does have its myths, so let’s take a look at a few.

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Facts About Herbal Supplements

Many people prefer herbal supplements to conventional medicines, or take them to complement their meds. But don’t fall for the associated myths

Many people distrust modern medicine, and the current popularity of herbal supplements is one aspect of that attitude. And really, that’s fine: many herbs work wonderfully well. Your Humble Writer, for example, favors a nightly mug of valerian-laced chamomile tea for relaxation.

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The So-Called Obesity Paradox

Oddly enough, some studies indicate that overweight people are more likely to survive cardiac events. But is the “obesity paradox” real?

There’s been a lot of excitement lately about the apparent “obesity paradox,” especially among people of a certain girth (Your Humble Author included). Basically, the paradox is this: a few studies have suggested that heavyset people are healthier than their lean counterparts.

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Myths About Vegetarians That Deserve to be Busted

Myths about vegetarians can range from reasonable to pretty silly. These four, for example:

Myths about vegetarians are common, at least among us omnivores. That’s not too surprising; as we’ve pointed out in the past, food myths permeate our culture. Basic necessities do tend to accumulate myths, possibly because everyone deals with them every day.

Whatever their stripe — vegan, lacto-ovo, plain old vegetarian — those who eschew meat tend to be misunderstood, even denigrated, by those who don’t. So let’s try to clear up a few public misapprehensions that cause vegetarians trouble.

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More Myths About Sleep

Myths about sleep are surprisingly common, considering that most of us spend a third of our lives in bed. Let’s bust a few of those myths

Why are there so many myths about sleep? Given that we all experience sleep regularly, and scientists study it constantly, you’d figure that we’d pretty much have a handle on it by now. But maybe that very ubiquity has resulted in the confusion we so often experience.

Several years back, we busted a handful of sleep myths regarding snoring, the relative need for sleep according to age, the possibility of surviving on two or three hours of sleep a night, and sleepwalking. But there are plenty of myths where those came from, so let’s tackle a few more.

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Four Autism Myths

Autism can be a frightening disorder, and even today, it’s poorly understood – which may explain why there are so many autism myths

The spectrum of behavioral disorders known as autism can be terrifying, which may be why autism myths are so common. As with anything we don’t understand, we look for any explanations we can find; and often, those explanations are misinformed.

In this article, we’ll take a look at four common myths about autism, and tell you why they’re just not true.

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