Funny Animal Myths You Should Know the Truth About

Many animal tales you’ve heard all your life simply aren’t true

Many funny animal stories you have heard all your life are just that — stories…myths. While these stories are often funny and entertaining, most of them are simply untrue. Join along as we learn facts about animals and separate fact from myth.

Myth #1 — Momma birds will reject their baby birds if you touch them

Most birds cannot smell well enough to detect human scent. The invention of this myth probably came about to keep well-meaning people from putting baby birds back into nests after they’ve fallen out while learning to fly.

Myth #2 — Elephants are afraid of mice

Absolutely not. In fact, mice are so small in comparison to elephants; chances are the elephant doesn’t even notice mice running around.

Myth #3 — Ostriches Bury Their Heads in the Sand

More than likely, you have heard this myth all your life. The fact is, if these unique animals buried their heads in the sand, they couldn’t breathe and would die. This myth most likely got its start due to the optical illusion created when the ostrich digs in the sand. Its head is so small; it looks buried.

Myth #4 — Opossums Hang by their Tails

How many times have you seen this in a cartoon as you were growing up? Many times, I bet. Opossums use their tails to hold on to branches as they climb, but adult opossums are simply too heavy and can’t support their weight with their tails. Baby opossums can only hang by their tail for a few seconds.

Myth #5 — Frogs can give you warts

A virus is responsible for causing warts — not frogs or toads. However, the bumps on toads are poisonous and irritate human skin when touched. This is most likely the cause of the frog/wart myth.

There are many amazing animals in our world, pass these animal myths around and educate those you know.