Facebook Social Networking Myths — Believe it or Not!

Need help weeding through all the social networking myths?

Facebook is without a doubt the top social networking site on the internet. Along with its many users come many myths. Here are the top myths so you can finally learn the truth about your favorites spot to hang out.

Myth #1 — One day, you’ll have to pay to use Facebook

Wouldn’t this tick off a lot of people? Considering there are over 250 million Facebook users, some who are addicted, a rumor like this can cause quite a stir. Not to worry. Facebook is making plenty of money with advertising alone.

Just like TV shows make money by showing commercials, advertisers pay for space on Facebook. This social networking site is doing quite well just like they are so this is a myth that you don’t have to worry about.

Myth #2 — Facebook is for young people

Afraid not! The most active users in this social network community are those that are 32-years-old and older. This group makes up 50% of the most activity on the social networking site.

Myth #3 — Facebook is a great place for fundraising

It would seem like it, but truth is, it’s not. There have been many attempts to raise funds for different charities on Facebook, but statistics show they don’t have a high success rate.

Myth #4 — Facebook is going to be sold

As long as you have a company as profitable as Facebook, there’s going to be talk about buyouts. Zuckerberg did talk with Yahoo! but turned down their offer of one billion saying it wasn’t enough. Selling out is always a possibility, but according to Zuckerberg selling the social network isn’t a priority right now or in the near future.

Myth #5 — Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook

While working with friends and fellow students at Harvard on a site called ‘Harvard Connection’, Zuckerberg got the idea from another site he was working on called Facemash. At this time, there was the increasing buzz on the internet about social networking.

Zuckerberg put two and two together and came up with Facebook. Zuckerberg became the world’s youngest billionaire at the age of 24. Are there some ill feelings among his friends at Harvard? Probably so. This doesn’t mean he stole the idea from them though.

Myth #6 — Facebook can sell your pictures and make money

First, Facebook doesn’t need any more money. Second, they don’t have the rights to your photos and can’t legally sell them. This myth came about when Facebook changed their Terms of Service so it states that even if you close your Facebook account, your pictures can still be on other Facebook pages.

Your pictures are on other Facebook pages only if you originally put them there. This isn’t something Facebook is doing to make money or to exploit anyone.

The biggest real issue regarding Facebook is privacy. But that is a topic for another article (or six!) So rest easy. Your favorite social networking site isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and no, they won’t be charging you either.