Exposing Myths About Ionic Foot Baths

The cutting edge of medicine is fraught with misunderstandings, which may explain all the myths about ionic foot baths. Here’s the truth about three.

Myths about ionic foot baths are common nowadays, especially in the online world. This is no real surprise: purveyors claim that these baths produce negative ions that enhance cellular function. Bold claims, especially of the medical variety, often generate a plethora of myths and misinformation.

However, there’s no question that energetic foot baths can be invaluable in medical detoxification processes. Patients often use them to detox from Lyme Disease, as well as liver, kidney, and colon problems, and they can even help patients readjust their sleep patterns.

Let’s take a look at a few of those misleading myths.

Myth #1: All Foot Baths Work the Same Way

This is far from the case. Truly effective energetic foot baths generate a stream of negative ions that gently encourage your cellular healing functions to work at their highest levels, and also help pull toxins out of the pores in your feet.

These foot baths, including the top-notch Aqua Chi, are highly tuned and balanced machines that are carefully built, perfectly safe, and do the job you pay for, as opposed to the shoddy knockoffs you see so often lately. That’s why they can offer an iron-clad money back guarantee, whereas knockoffs won’t.

Myth #2: The Color of the Water Indicates the Area of the Body Detoxified

This is a vast oversimplification of the reality of a good energetic foot bath. The ionic treatment process is more about encouraging natural detoxification than pulling sludge out of your body, though that happens to some extent. But to think that a foot bath can magically target a specific organ or area of the body is silly.

The color variations mostly result from natural minerals in the water recombining with each other and with ions from the foot bath electrodes to form new, colored substances. That’s about it.

Myth #3: All Foot Baths Are Safe to Use

If only this were true! Here’s the reality: you’re putting your feet into a tub of water that uses electricity to, ideally, generate an ionic flow that will stimulate your cells to maximum performance. In a cheap knockoff, there’s always the danger that substandard manufacture and poor quality control can result in shocks.

A top-quality machine like the Aqua Chi, however, includes safety features like the GFCI cutoff switch common to any up-to-code electrical outlet or appliance used in or near the water. This will automatically shut down the flow of electricity if something goes wrong.

Face it. Cheap knock-offs are dangerous to your health. They won’t enhance it. All energetic foot baths are not safe to use. Of all the myths about ionic foot baths, this is the one it’s most important to know the truth about