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Some Myths About the QWERTY Keyboard, Part II

Most modern English keyboards use the classic QWERTY configuration. Ever wonder why?

Just about everyone who uses an English-language keyboard recognizes QWERTY. It’s the “word” formed by the first six letters on the top letter row. Exceptions to this configuration do exist, but they’re rare.

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Some Myths About the QWERTY Keyboard, Part I

Ever wonder why nearly all computer keyboards have a layout with QWERTY starting the top letter row? Here are a few myths and facts on the subject.

Just about anyone who’s ever typed recognizes QWERTY: it’s the “word” for the first six letters on the top letter row of a keyboard, pronounced pretty much as it sounds. That makes it unique and unmistakable. But if you’re like Your Humble Writer, you may wonder why the keyboard isn’t in alphabetical order instead.

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Save Energy the Smart Way — Don't Fall for These Myths

Be sure your efforts are really saving your energy

It never hurts to try to save energy. By doing so, you are being earth-friendly and saving yourself some hard-earned money. But don’t believe everything you hear. Check out these myths about energy consumption before you start on your energy-saving campaign.

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Email Privacy Myths

While you can expect a legal right to privacy in regards to your snail mail, email privacy is another thing altogether.

Email privacy myths are among the most persistent of the Information Age. They tend to linger, even as more people come to realize that, given the insecurity of the World Wide Web and other forms of electronic information exchange, very little of our personal information is truly confidential anymore.

We Americans expect that our postal mail will remain absolutely private, because that’s a right guaranteed by the Constitution. We tend to extend that assumption to electronic mail, too; but the fact is, you just can’t have the same expectation of privacy with email as you do with “snail” mail. In this article, we’ll explain why.

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Busting Persistent Cell Phone Myths, Part II

In Part I of this article, we gave you the straight dope on three of the most far-reaching cell phone myths. In this half, we’ll cover four of the smaller ones.

Cell phones don’t cause cancer and they don’t start fires at gas stations, those are all big, persistent cell phone myths that a close examination of the evidence easily refutes. We busted those myths in the first half of this article.

In this installment, we’ll tackle four myths that, if less pervasive, are just as annoyingly false as their big siblings.

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Busting Persistent Cell Phone Myths, Part I

Few of our modern conveniences have generated more mythology than cell phones. In fact, we found enough cell phone myths for two articles. Join us as we bust those myths, one by one.

As ubiquitous as cellular phones have become, it’s no wonder that cell phone myths have proceeded to rampage through our society with all the persistence of the Cloverfield monster. Yet in most cases, they’re just as unreal as that cinematic horror, no matter how scary (or hopeful) they may seem to be.

In this two-part article, we’ve collected six top myths regarding our favorite gadgets, and offer a heaping helping of reality to counteract each one. We’ll start with the biggies first.

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Bust Through Common Cell Phone Myths

Exposing one of the most common cell phone myths: can your cell phone really unlock your car?

A new generation of communication breeds a new generation of myths — in this case, cell phone myths. We’ve all heard them. They range from the absurd to the plausible, but most of them are nonsense — and this one’s no exception. Let’s explore the truth behind the myth that your cell phone can help you if you lock your keys in your car.

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The Four Top iPod Myths – Mythbusters Breaks Them Down

Protect your music: don’t fall for these iPod myths!

You don’t think of iPod myths as a big worry, but with any successful product comes angry competitors. Apple trumped the world when it produced the most successful mp3 player available, and ever since, competitors have searched diligently for flaws in Apple’s sleek design. Of course, no product is perfect, and the iPod is no exception. Still, it’s important to know the truth before you fall for myths created to keep you from buying an iPod!

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