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Some Revealing Myths About Dreams, Part I

To sleep, perchance to dream? Aye, there’s the rub — and the abundance of myths about dreams proves it. Let’s rub out a few of those myths together, shall we?

Why do myths about dreams persist, no matter how unreasonable they may be? One possibility for the existence of these myths is because dreams are such a vital part of the one-third of our lives that we spend asleep. The more vivid they are, the more likely they are to lodge in our memories and prey on our thoughts.

The best way we can understand dreams is that they are only random impulses in the brain. These impulses are shaped by events that we encounter or remember during the hours we are awake. Think of them as a way of clearing out your mental filing cabinets. While that may seem rather mundane, it’s an attitude that can help you face the reality of dream myths.

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Debunking Four Common Myths Regarding Babies

Since the little sweeties can’t talk — or at least not very well — it’s only natural for myths about babies to be common. Well, here’s the truth about four commonly believed misconceptions.

Anyone who’s ever been a new parent has been bombarded with myths about babies, usually in the form of advice from friends and family. Sure, some of the advice is good, but mostly it’s pure malarkey, based on assumptions rather than facts. In this very special episode, we’ll provide the real 411 on all the baby-talk.

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About Those Myth-Heard Lyrics: An Introduction to Mondegreens

Have you been wondering what idiot would name a kid’s song “He’s Got the Whole World in His Pants?” If so, you’ve fallen victim to one of many examples of mondegreens.

The word mondegreen may be new to you, but if you’ve ever been embarrassed to learn that you’ve been mangling a song’s lyrics for years (and who hasn’t?) you’ve perpetrated one. We’ve presented tales of myth-heard song lyrics before, but this week we reveal how these “slips of the ear” got their official name.

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All About Eggcorns, those Myth-Heard Words

Have you ever been confused when your local meteorologist predicted “Apache fog”? Well you’ve experienced an example of eggcorns, and you’re not alone!

A panelist offered an example of a woman who wrote “acorns” as “egg corns” in a misguided attempt at the proper spelling, probably due to her own regional pronunciation of the word. A week later and “eggcorns” came to be formally defined as idiosyncratic substitutions for commonly-used words or expressions.

It doesn’t matter your creed, race, native language or nationality: if you use spoken language, you’ve encountered eggcorns occasionally. These types of auditory mix-ups are among the most common examples of the “myth-heard” in daily life, so in this episode of Mythbusters, we’ll explore this unusual topic a bit.

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What in the World? Busting Some Common Geography Myths

The world’s a big, complicated place, and it’s no wonder that certain geography myths have gotten ingrained in our collective consciousness. Here are the facts about four.

Geography myths aren’t as potentially damaging as myths about allergies or medicine, but like any myth, they chip away at our understanding of the real world and our place in it. This is quite literally true, since geography is defined as the study of the Earth’s surface.

If you’re not certain where you stand, join us as we explore the truth behind four common myths about geography.

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Four College Myths, Busted

Don’t let these four common college myths hold you back.

Some college myths are easy to look at and say, “Baloney.” Nobody really expects that college is just one big party, for example, though it can be a lot of fun. And that myth about the school giving you a 4.0 for the semester if your roommate dies? Really, now.

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