Do Vampires Really Exist?

Discover the difference between truth and myth, fantasy and fiction.

Vampires are all the rage. Along with this craze about vampires, there are many vampire myths floating around. Before you start believing any of these myths, learn a few lessons from vampire history and discover the truth.

Myth #1 — Vampires are Real

The myth of vampires came about during the 16th century. When gravediggers opened mass graves to add more bodies to them, they discovered corpses with blood running from their mouths.

Grave diggers believed this proved the corpses came back alive to suck the blood from other humans. In reality, the corpses had blood running from their mouths because of basic decomposition.

Gas builds up in the organs of decomposing bodies. The bodies bloat making blood ooze from the mouths of the corpses.

Myth #2 — Vampires Never Come Out During Daylight

This myth probably came about from the same gravediggers in myth #1. When they opened the graves, the corpses were just laying there with dried blood on their mouths.

Gravediggers took this to mean that the vampire corpses slept during the day because they weren’t awake. The corpses weren’t awake simply because they were dead.

Myth #3 — Vampires Turn Into Bats

New World explorers went back to Europe with wild tales about blood-sucking bats. Over the years and after Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, bats and vampires were linked and the myth that bats are really vampires in disguise was born.

The truth is that there really are vampire bats. However, they make tiny nicks in their victims and lick the blood instead of sucking it. Bats also do not attack humans but prey on sleeping livestock.

The main danger of vampire bats isn’t that they drink blood but that they are carriers of infections and rabies

Myth #4 — Dracula is Proof of Vampires

Dracula really did exist but he wasn’t a vampire. Dracula’s real name was Vlad III. He became famous because he killed his enemies with wooden stakes and littered his property with the dead bodies in efforts to scare off more enemies.

The father of Vlad III became a member of the Order of the Dragon in 1431. Although most people knew Vlad III as Vlad the Impaler many people began calling him Dracula because his father was in the Order of the Dragon. Dracula means ‘ son of the Dragon’.

The vampire Dracula came to life in books when Bram Stoker combined all these elements into his famous novel.

Myth #5 — There are Still Real Vampires Today

It depends on your definition of vampire. If you believe that vampires sleep in coffins during daylight, come to life at night to suck the blood of victims and fly around as bats, then no…there are no vampires.

Unfortunately, there are large numbers of very misguided people who truly believe they are vampires and drink blood from willing victims.

Vampires have always been fascinating and the source of scary movies and books. If stories about vampires thrill you and give you the goosebumps you’re seeking, that’s fine. Just remember to keep truth and fiction about vampires separate.