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Twitter Myths Explained

Twitter is surrounded by many myths — Learn the truth

People who don’t understand Twitter, think it’s completely worthless. To those of us who are Twitter-addicts, we know in our twittering little hearts that couldn’t be further from the truth. Find out the most common myths surrounding Twitter and tweet the truth!

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Facebook Social Networking Myths — Believe it or Not!

Need help weeding through all the social networking myths?

Facebook is without a doubt the top social networking site on the internet. Along with its many users come many myths. Here are the top myths so you can finally learn the truth about your favorites spot to hang out.

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Myths about Making Money Online

Can you really make money online? Separating the truth from the myths

Making money online is a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to stay at home and work in their pajamas? Just about everybody. Can you make money by working at home online? Yes. So what’s the problem? Myths. There are many myths and misconceptions about working online. Let’s look at a few of these and see if working online is for you.

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The Truth About Eight Internet Myths, Part II

In Part I of this article, we looked at the truth behind four popular Internet myths. Ready for more?

Internet myths aren’t hard to find. Even 20 years in, the Internet’s still something like the Old West once was — a rip-roaring frontier, spinning off myths right and left. Some of them were true, once; some never were. As the Internet settles down into young adulthood, some myths have become enshrined as near-fact.

As always, our duty at Mythbusters is to dispel those myths so that you can see the truth in the bright light of day. We’ve already stripped away the confusion surrounding four such myths; in Part II of this article, we’ll examine four more.

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The Truth About Eight Internet Myths, Part I

Few aspects of modern life have accumulated as much mythology as the Internet. In this two-part article, we’ll examine eight of the most common Internet myths

Internet myths often focus on the sheer freedom and complexity of that massively interconnected network of worldwide computer systems, and it’s no wonder. The whole thing is a bit much for any brain to comprehend, and sometimes it seems to take on a life of its own. The realms of possibility it opens up are amazing.

It’s true that you can find anything on the Internet these days, from recipes for chocolate sauerkraut cake to designs for starships. You even can order pizza, buy a 10-lb skull made of chocolate, or play poker against people from Australia. But there are some things that aren’t true, and we’ll cover a few in this article.

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PC Privacy Myths

Have you fallen prey to common PC privacy myths? Check and see.

Even this deep into the Information Age, most people are still plagued by certain PC privacy myths. For example: if you think deleting a file erases it from your computer, then you’ve fallen for one of the most prevalent myths. As any hacker could tell you, a file remains in memory, somewhere, until it’s actively overwritten.

Even then, it may still be recoverable. Back in the old days, if you wanted to be rid of a document, you could tear it up and burn it, and it would be gone for good. With computers, a document might linger, at least in fragmentary form, for years…and that’s the least of your PC privacy worries.

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Email Privacy Myths

While you can expect a legal right to privacy in regards to your snail mail, email privacy is another thing altogether.

Email privacy myths are among the most persistent of the Information Age. They tend to linger, even as more people come to realize that, given the insecurity of the World Wide Web and other forms of electronic information exchange, very little of our personal information is truly confidential anymore.

We Americans expect that our postal mail will remain absolutely private, because that’s a right guaranteed by the Constitution. We tend to extend that assumption to electronic mail, too; but the fact is, you just can’t have the same expectation of privacy with email as you do with “snail” mail. In this article, we’ll explain why.

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Photo Sharing Privacy Policies: Myths and Reality, Part II

Be careful when posting your pictures on photo sharing sites — they all have subtly different privacy policies, which you can run afoul of if you’re not careful.

In Part I of this article, we provided an example of how the differences in the privacy policies maintained by various photo sharing sites can trip up the unwary. In our case, we were surprised to discover the SmugMug account for our new site, Photo Sharing Nuggets, indexed on Google; we’d thought it was private.

Other sites handle the privacy issue differently, and there’s enough variation from one to another that you have to tread very carefully. In this half of the article, we’ll briefly discuss the privacy policies of other popular photo sharing sites.

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Photo Sharing Privacy Policies: Myth and Reality, Part I

Have you looked carefully at the privacy policies on your favorite photo sharing sites? They may not exactly be what you’d expect.

Privacy policies are an accepted part of the Internet experience these days. Of course, there are those who believe you shouldn’t be uptight about privacy if you’re willing to participate in something as public as the World Wide Web, especially if you’re going to post photographs. We happen to disagree.

Just because you’re willing to share your artistry with the world doesn’t mean you should be fair game for every scammer and marketer out there. In this two-part article, we’ll offer some advice on the current state of photo sharing privacy on the Web, and how to maintain yours — starting with a personal example.

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Ghost in the Machine: The Truth About Four Computer Virus Myths

While some malicious freaks enjoy sending viruses across the Internet to eat other people’s files, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Here’s the actual data on four computer virus myths.

We’ve all fallen for the occasional computer virus myth, because the reality is so scary. Since most of us aren’t computer experts, we depend on our machines to work the way we need them to; it’s infuriating to think that some script kiddie out there would deliberately — and randomly — try to sabotage us.

But all is not as bad as it might seem. Gather ’round, and take a close look as we explode a few myths about those nasty computer viruses.

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