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The Myth of the Water-Fueled Car

Given current gasoline prices, it would be a relief if someone really could invent a water-fueled car. But it just ain’t gonna happen — not until the laws of physics change, anyway.

Unlike most of our articles, this Mythbusters episode focuses on a single myth: that of the fabulous water-fueled car. Despite recent breathless announcements, this is just an urban myth that pops up repeatedly, especially in those times (oh, like right now) when petroleum fuels are expensive or very scarce, or both.

Sadly, cars that use water as fuel will forever remain nothing but fantasy — and not just because the big oil companies are suppressing the concept. It’s more a matter of someone having to figure out a way to rewrite the physical laws of the universe before it can work. In the following sections, we’ll tell you why this is so.

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Busting Common Traffic Ticket Myths

Don’t let these traffic ticket myths make your life more difficult than it has to be.

Most of us have fallen for traffic ticket myths at one time or another. We’d all like to believe that those expensive little documents can easily be “fixed” once they’re written, and hey, there’s always someone around who’s willing to share the method that worked for their great Aunt Ethel’s friend’s brother ten years ago.

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