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Overcoming Those Pesky 2012 Myths

In recent years, the doomsayers have been up in arms about all those 2012 myths predicting the end of the world. Well, you needn’t worry.

It’s here at last: the dreaded year of the 2012 myths. According to some, the world’s about to end. But do we really have anything to worry about? While there’s no way to be entirely sure, the smart money’s on “No.”

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Do Vampires Really Exist?

Discover the difference between truth and myth, fantasy and fiction.

Vampires are all the rage. Along with this craze about vampires, there are many vampire myths floating around. Before you start believing any of these myths, learn a few lessons from vampire history and discover the truth.

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Funny Animal Myths You Should Know the Truth About

Many animal tales you’ve heard all your life simply aren’t true

Many funny animal stories you have heard all your life are just that — stories…myths. While these stories are often funny and entertaining, most of them are simply untrue. Join along as we learn facts about animals and separate fact from myth.

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Myths About Myths, and What a Myth Really Is

While we’ve had a great time on this site busting myths right and left, we’ve never really told you exactly what a myth is.

Well, in this article we’ll remedy that, and bust a few myths about myths along the way.

One of the biggest myths about myths is that any myth is just a made-up story, casually invented to explain something imperfectly understood. Well, that’s true, in the same way that Antonio Stradivari was a pretty good fiddle-maker. That is to say, there’s more to it than that — a lot more.

Sure, people are good at making things up, and describing things by comparing them to what we already understand: fiction and invention, metaphor and simile. But myths are nothing less than earnest attempts to understand the reality of the world around us. Admittedly, sometimes we’re so off-base it’s funny…

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Four Myths About Writing

Since it’s a subject near and dear to my heart, in this article we’ve decided take a look at myths about writing.

Popular tales and myths about writing often focus on the difficulty of the process: writer’s block, the tyranny of the blank page, the difficulty of earning a living wage. And yes, those can all be problems, especially early in a writer’s career. It’s all a part of something we call “paying your dues.”

But allow Your Humble Writer to let you in on a little secret: things aren’t always that bad. For example, having to meet a deadline can concentrate your mind wonderfully, making writer’s block a thing of the past. In addition to that obstacle, there’s these other four other myths you might be interested in.

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Some Common Olympic Myths

If you think the Olympic torch tradition is a legacy of the ancient Greeks, then you’ve fallen for one of the more persistent Olympic myths; it’s actually a Nazi invention. Intrigued? Read on!

Whether you believe the demigod Herakles or the Lydian prince Pelops founded the ancient Olympics (there are Olympic myths claiming both), it’s a fact that the Games are shrouded in their own special brand of mythology. It goes without saying that most of those myths are a far cry from fact — but we’ll say it anyway.

So grab your torch and follow along as we take a closer look at a trio of interesting and tenacious myths about the Olympic Games, ancient and modern, and offer up the fascinating truth behind all three.

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Five Top Copyright Myths, Busted to Pieces

If you’re a writer, you need to know your copyrights — and your copyright myths.

Copyright myths are surprisingly abundant, even among writers, publishers, and other wordsmiths. They tend to be based either on out-of-date facts, or simple confusion with somewhat different concepts. In this article, we’ll take a close look at five myths about the magical copyright, and reveal the truth about each.

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Our Favorite Myth-Heard Song Lyrics, Part II

From cross-eyed bears to cross-eyed babies, we’ve got more great myth-heard song lyrics for you to groove to in this, our second helping on the subject.

In this article, we once again sing the praises of myth-heard song lyrics. Why? Because after all these years, there are still a few of us who cheerfully sing about “Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear” in the classic church hymn “Keep Thou My Way.” In fact, Ed McBain once wrote an interesting novel with that very title.

Most of us realize it’s really “gladly the cross I’d bear,” even as some of us wonder why we sing “For he’s a jolly good pharaoh” when the honoree’s not even Egyptian. But that’s okay — it adds a little much-needed spice to life. We all make these mistakes, now don’t we? We’re sure you’ve got some of your own to share.

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Our Favorite Myth-Heard Song Lyrics, Part I

If you’ve always wondered why John Fogerty sang, “There’s a bathroom on the right” in that famous Creedence Clearwater Revival song, then this article’s for you.

Most of us have our personal tales of myth-heard song lyrics — and those of us who don’t simply won’t admit it. Use of language may be one of the defining aspects of humanity, but, well…when it comes to musical stylings, it can sometimes be hard to understand even our nominal mother tongues.

So here’s to everyone who’s ever wondered why the Weather Girls and Ginger Spice extolled the virtues of Raisonettes (the real lyric: “It’s Raining Men”), or why Jimmy Hendrix excused himself while he kissed that guy (“excuse me while I kiss the sky”). And that CCR thing? It’s actually “There’s a bad moon on the rise.”

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More Famous Myth-Quotations

“Myth-quotations” are more common than most folks realize, due as much to fallible human memory as to bad pronunciation. A few months back, we told you the truth about five famous misquotations; here’s the story on five more.

“Myth-quotations” are inevitable in a Tower-of-Babel world like ours. Even in societies with a common language, you can’t count on a message being passed from one well-meaning person to another without it getting garbled. Add the uncertainties of memory, and the trouble mounts.

If you feel like “somebody set us up the bomb”* by the time word trickles down to you, you’re not alone. Here are five cases of well-known quotes from popular media that just ain’t so — including one from the most popular book of all time, the Christian Bible.

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