5 Myths about Choosing a New Career

Choosing a new career? Don’t make these mistakes

We all have certain ideas when choosing a new career. Whether we learned it or heard from “the experts”, we accept these ideas as the way to choose a career. Unfortunately some of these ideas just are not true and actually hurt you when it comes to planning your future.

Myth #1 — I can choose my career by myself

While how you want to spend the rest of your life is important, it is in your best interest to get help when choosing a new career. By taking assessment tests and talking to trained professionals, get a different perspectives and new ideas.

Take tests and talk about your plans and ideas with a career counselor. New ideas form previously never entered your mind. This could open new doors for you and take you down a completely different path thought possible — and it may just be the path where you find true happiness and fulfillment.

Myth #2 — Counselors know best and I should let my counselor choose my career

Wrong. It’s your life. While your career counselor can give you new ideas and perspectives, no one knows you like you do. Carefully consider what your counselor suggests but if it doesn’t feel right — go with your gut feeling.

Myth #3 — A counselor is a counselor

Not so. “Counselors” fall under many different titles: career counselor, career development facilitator, career coach, job coach, and vocational counselor. All of these titles describe a career counselor.

The first thing you should consider when choosing a counselor is their credentials. Are they trained or did they just “fall” into this job? Find reputable counselors through the National Career Development Association. If not, check to see if they have local licenses from the state board.

Your next step is to meet with the counselor. How did you hit it off? Were they easy to talk to? Were they interested in you or were you just the next job on the list? Don’t waste your time with someone who isn’t interested in helping you choose a career and who doesn’t take time to get to know you. If they don’t know you, how can they advise you?

Myth #4 — The “best jobs list” is the best way to choose a career

It doesn’t hurt to look at these lists to get an idea of income and future outlook for that field, but don’t choose a career based solely on this criteria. Take time to consider your interests, values, and skills. A miserable career is one where you get paid well but hate going to work every day.

Myth #5 — I better choose well…I’ll be in this job for the rest of my life

It’s best if you can find a career that you absolutely love right from the start, but it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes starting down one path leads to the discovery of something else. The career you choose isn’t set in stone. Choose keep and open mind and find what suits you best.

With careful consideration and by avoiding these common myths, choosing a new career isn’t that difficult. Remember take your time and follow your instincts for a career worthy of you.